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Whether you want to create your own token, build a decentralized application, establish IT infrastructure for your project or protect your data with the latest cybersecurity tools, we have you covered.

Your Complete Web3 Solution

We offer a wide range of services focusing on tokenization, Web 3 & IT solutions, and cybersecurity. You can pick and choose the ones that suit you best, or opt for our end-to-end venture building package that includes everything you need to launch and grow your venture. The choice is yours.

Cryptix is committed to developing solutions that adhere to the highest regulatory standards. At Cryptix we believe that the only way to do something is to do it right. Straightforward. Compliant. And at the Cryptix Group we have the necessary expertise and certification to achieve this, making it a driving power in the Web 3 regulatory landscape.

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Web3 Solutions

We help businesses leverage the power of Web 3 and decentralization.

Our services include:

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Cryptix Tokenlaunchpad is an all-around solution for tokenizing real estate, renewable energy, commodities and other assets.

Envisioned and built by leading blockchain and tokenization experts in Switzerland and the EU, we offer services that cover all aspects of tokenization process, including but not limited to technical, legal, marketing and sales.

Services we provide:

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Cryptix Security

Your trusted partner for digital security and international certifications for the highest security standards in the industry.

Our cybersecurity services focus on:

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IT Services

We specialize in providing scalable IT infrastructure solutions designed to launch your startup’s growth. Our experience in implementing and optimizing countless startup and scaleup IT infrastructures allows us to use these synergies in creating a complete IT infrastructure that is secure, compliant, and adaptable in just days.

Here are some of the service areas we focus on:

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Marketing and Communications

Our Marketing and Communications (MARCOM) team, plus our in-house Web3 marketing and growth hub RZLT, are here to help you craft and deliver effective messaging to all audiences and drive your company’s growth and community building.

Our services include:

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Regulated Financial Services

With innovative technological solutions, a MiFID II license to provide investment services and deals, and an interdisciplinary team of experts, Equito (a Cryptix Group subsidiary) helps with fundraising activities and managing business and personal finances.

Our services include:

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