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Marketing Services

Our experienced Marketing and Communications (MARCOM) team, in partnership with in-house Web3 and growth hub RZLT, can help you develop your brand, hone your message, reach your preferred audience – and propel your business to the next level.

Our services include:

Cryptix MARCOM, in cooperation with our in-house Web3 marketing and growth hub RZLT, is the one-stop marketing and communications solution to help you grow your business, build communities around it, craft and deliver effective messaging for all audiences. Our services include:

Web 2

Web 2.5

Web 3


Over the years we’ve had numerous successes helping cutting-edge ventures like yours reach audiences at the intersection of Web2 and Web3. From building brands to growing online retail communities and beyond, our successes include:

eCredits: Our marketing and communications services have helped ‘the people’s currency for daily use’ with community building and kickstarting the ecosystem with more than 250K wallets on its blockchain. Our PR campaign in top-tier global media has positioned eCredits as the rising start of both fintech and web3 space.

Blocktrade: With our support, the Luxembourg-based digital assets exchange established an effective in-house marketing team, built a grassroots community of devoted users – and landed 22 million EUR via crowdfunding from private investors around the world.


Our in-house Web3 marketing and growth hub, RZLT’s expert team has the knowhow to help businesses effectively market themselves in the rapidly evolving Web3 space. RZLT’s portfolio includes collaboration with both upcoming and well-established names, including Samsung, Styria Media Group, Intel, and many others.

Branding is successful when the characteristics of a brand stand out distinctively through all levels of communication. With our branding framework we ensure strong brand-rooted content from day one of marketing communications activities.

Our Portfolio

Supporting our clients in every aspect of their journey, including crowdfunding, product development, establishing IT and cybersecurity infrastructure, legal and compliance aspects, as well as marketing and communications.

Effective marketing and communications are crucial to your venture’s success. We’re here to help. Learn more about what we offer, and how our combined team can help you find your voice, push your message – and take your business to the next level.