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We build the future of money and realise digital payment solutions to make life simpler for consumers and businesses.

CRYPTIX - About us


We see a huge opportunity in rethinking payment systems

Digital money will soon be a part of everyday life. Our goal is to establish currencies that everyone can use intuitively. We develop systems – based on blockchain, DLT, and the internet – that interact with the ‘old, analogue world’, and we enable SMEs to participate in digital money. We invite you to grow with us and experience this process together.

CRYPTIX - About us


We turn ideas into reality

We are a full-service provider for creating and implementing digital payment solutions and disruptive fintech ideas. Our expertise includes business consulting, legal services, IT services, product development, marketing services, and support and maintenance.


The world will be a better place when all market players can participate in a safe and instantaneous payment system.

By challenging the status quo we’re diving into the immense potential that blockchain technology holds.

Siegfried Skalla
Solution Architect


We look forward to guiding you into blockchain technology and bringing your ideas to life.

CRYPTIX - Bernhard Kock

Bernhard Koch


Generating real value for everyone by disrupting existing patterns is what drives me. In a team as diverse as ours there is one thing that connects us all: the drive to innovate.

CRYPTIX - Armin Reiter

Armin Reiter


With Cryptix, I want to be part of the blockchain revolution and combine the decisive business and technology aspects for successful concepts with optimal results.

CRYPTIX - Anja Frauwallner

Anja Frauwallner


I hope to stir up all of our Cryptix team members to delve deeper into the new technologies we are working on. It is such a great opportunity to contribute to the digital money revolution.

Alexandre Horvath


I advise the Cryptix team on how to protect digital information and networks from cyber threats and help them comply with security and privacy regulations.

CRYPTIX - Thomas Tomsich

Thomas Tomsich

Finance Advisor

I am extremely happy to support the entrance of Cryptix into the world of New Banking with my 30 years of experience in establishing financial companies in new markets.

Jakob Hohenberger

Head of Sales

I am excited to connect state-of-the-art technology with financial services to create products and services that put the customer experience first.

Andrej Grobler

COO Blocktrade

For a digital transformation consultant and blockchain technology enthusiast like me, Cryptix’s innovative environment is the perfect place to grow and learn.

Céline Iten

Administrative Assistant

At Cryptix, I can make a difference and combine the administrative side of the different brands with my passion for defining new processes and setting up structures.

Luka Praper

CFO Blocktrade

At Cryptix, I can combine my interest in new technologies and innovations with my extensive experience in international business and financial consulting.

Karolina Riegler

Office Assistant

My goal is to provide behind-the-scenes support that ensures that the Cryptix team here in Vienna can transform the financial marketplace.

CRYPTIX - Aleksander Jerenko

Aleksander Jerenko

Director & Controller

I have always been fascinated by new technologies. At Cryptix, I use my experience as a piece in the mosaic that contributes to the establishment of advanced payment methods.

CRYPTIX - Mateja Drnovšek

Mateja Drnovšek

Economics Advisor

Having written more than a dozen scholarly articles about the cognitive and emotional aspects of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial effectiveness, I hope to contribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of the team.

CRYPTIX - Benedikt Skorpik

Benedikt Skorpik

Senior Art Director

We at Cryptix have the unique opportunity to delve into the complex issues of digital payment and provide simple solutions for the future of money – to make people’s lives better.

Simon Rizkalla

Software Engineer

I especially enjoy the research and development approach to our everyday challenges. With my experience as a computer engineer, I’m proud to contribute to provide high-end solutions to our customers.

CRYPTIX - Andrew Miliy

Andrew Miliy

Head of Software Engineering

I like the variety of challenging tasks we face every day at Cryptix and the digital payment technologies we use to bring the oligopolistic payment market back into the hands of consumers and merchants.

CRYPTIX - Nina Kranjec

Nina Kranjec

Legal Advisor

I prefer to say yes rather than no because the world would never have made so much progress if everybody always said no or maybe. That’s why I love supporting the inspiring team at Cryptix as a lawyer.

CRYPTIX - Siegfried Skalla

Siegfried Skalla

Solution Architect

It is great to work at a think tank like Cryptix. Here I can combine my payments experience with my interest in the evolving world of digital currencies and their underlying technology.

CRYPTIX - Anika Sztarsich

Anika Sztarsich

Senior Manager Corporate Communications

As an exceedingly dynamic and diverse team, we can play an essential role in giving everybody easy access to digital payment. To do so, we work towards establishing confidence in the new technologies.

CRYPTIX - Tobias Geiser

Tobias Geiser

Head of Branding and Product Development

My focus has always been on everything that is new and breaks conventions. The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies offers a host of disruptive digital business areas for someone with my experience.

Tanja Schär

Assistant to the Board

I love to coordinate, structurise and organise! Together with my team, I want to establish a strong international back office that helps to turn the Cryptix vision into a reality.

CRYPTIX - Jingchao Zhou

Jingchao Zhou

Project Manager

My primary goal at Cryptix is to help unlock the potential of blockchain technology and use it to create a positive social impact. Prior to working at Cryptix, I gained experience in tech start-ups and organisations.

Dana Fischer

Lead Test Engineer

Cryptix wants to offer the best experience and I am very happy that my acquaintance with QA for more than 7 years contributes in reaching to high values and standards with our products.

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