Cryptix Launches Stellar Tokenlaunchpad with Awarded Grant

Here at Cryptix we are proud of our extensive expertise across various blockchain technologies, including solid experience and involvement with the Stellar network. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of blockchain and building tools that make Web3 more accessible and usable for all. 

This is why we launched our new Tokenlaunchpad platform this year. This new web app allows users to issue custom tokens on various blockchains. It enables anyone, with or without coding skills, to create a token. This way, Cryptix aims to lower the barrier to entry for blockchain enthusiasts and include a broader audience to explore an immense potential of tokenization. 

Hereby we’re proud to announce that our deep-rooted expertise in the Stellar ecosystem as well as our commitment to blockchain adoption have recently been recognized through a grant from Stellar Community Fund that supported our development of Stellar Tokenlaunchpad. This achievement is a great acknowledgement of our team’s knowledge and dedication and we are happy to be at the forefront of Stellar development. 

Moreover, we’re excited to share that our Stellar Tokenlaunchpad is now live at! With this platform, creating a Stellar-based token happens with just a few clicks and takes less than a minute! This initiative reflects Cryptix dedication to providing practical and user-friendly solutions to Stellar community.  
We extend our gratitude to Stellar Community for their support. “We’re grateful to Stellar Community Fund for the grant awarded and are happy to make a contribution to the Stellar ecosystem. Hopefully our solution will help to make Stellar’s groundbreaking technology even more accessible to people worldwide,” says Armin Reiter, CEO of Cryptix.   

As we move forward, we stay committed to innovating and building tools that make blockchain technology accessible and beneficial for the general population. We invite everyone to explore our Stellar Tokenlaunchpad and discover the potential of creating your custom tokens. Let’s shape the future of Web3 together. 

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