A New Venture by Cryptix to Offer a 360° Tokenization Solution for Real World Assets

Cryptix, a leading global Web 3 venture builder and end-to-end service provider for Web 3 and blockchain, has announced the launch of aka Cryptix Tokenization, a new venture that aims to offer a 360° tokenization solution for real world assets. Tokenlaunchpad will enable clients to create and manage digital tokens that represent fractional ownership of assets such as real estate, art, commodities, and more.

Tokenization is the process of converting the rights to an asset into a digital token on a blockchain. This allows for greater liquidity, accessibility, and transparency of the asset, as well as lower transaction costs and faster settlement times. Tokenization can also create new opportunities for investors, such as fractional ownership, diversification, and participation in the asset’s performance.

Tokenlaunchpad will support the tokenization process across all steps, from legal and regulatory aspects, token creation and issuance, to token management. It will leverage Cryptix’ expertise and experience in blockchain technology, digital asset custody, and smart contract development, as well as its network of partners and platforms in the tokenization ecosystem.

“We are excited to launch, a new venture that will bring tokenization to the next level. Tokenization is not just a technology, but a paradigm shift in how we own, manage, and trade assets. With Cryptix Tokenization, we will offer a comprehensive and end-to-end solution for tokenizing any asset, from real estate to art, from commodities to renewable energy. We will also educate, guide and advise clients on how to best leverage tokenization for their specific needs and goals. Our new tokenization venture is the result of our vision, expertise, and passion for innovation and disruption in the digital asset space.” – says Armin Reiter, CEO of Cryptix.

Cryptix Tokenization has also launched its new website, where everyone can learn more about how to kick-off tokenizing their assets with in a few simple steps, and how Cryptix Tokenization approaches and envisions the tokenization of the future. is ready to help clients unlock the full potential of tokenization and transform the way we own, manage, and trade assets. To learn more about, its 360° tokenization solution and services, visit