Meet Luka Gubo, CEO of Blocktrade – Cryptix

Blocktrade is developing and operating an institutional-grade digital assets exchange by using blockchain and the latest technologies. By doing so, Blocktrade is changing how both primary and secondary capital markets operate.

Recently, Luka Gubo, the CEO of Blocktrade, talked about his background, what Blocktrade is all about and where the company is headed.

STOs are the next wave of IPOs

A fintech trend that is picking up speed is the security token offering (STO). Blocktrade believes that STOs are the next wave of IPOs (initial public offerings). Therefore, it is Blocktrade’s vision to provide the technology and services to enable smaller and medium-sized companies to do STOs instead of IPOs.

MTF licence and other services

The company is currently in the process of obtaining a licence as a Multilateral Trading Facility in Europe. Additionally, Blocktrade plans on becoming a TT Exchange Office Operator and a TT Protector in accordance with the Liechtenstein law on Transaction Systems Based on Trustworthy Technologies (TT) (Blockchain Act).
The combined regulatory approval would allow Blocktrade to become a one-stop shop for everything related to cryptocurrencies and tokenised securities, including offering exchange operations and brokerage services and providing a primary market issuance platform.

In Liechtenstein we trust

Located in Liechtenstein, Europe’s financial centre, Blocktrade is part of the co-working space of CV Labs in Vaduz, where high-quality projects with the same mission come together. Vaduz offers direct access to and a unique position in modern financial services, which are particularly distinguished through significant political and economic stability, banking and professional secrecy.