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Legal Services

Navigating the intricate legal landscape of web3 technologies demands expertise across various domains. Our comprehensive legal services cover seven key areas to ensure your ventures thrive within regulatory frameworks and industry standards:

Our solutions include:

All Legal Solutions
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Licensing Support

Our team offers tailored guidance and support for acquiring essential licenses in the web3 landscape, including VASP, MiCAR, MiFID, Crowdfunding, and AIFM. We streamline the licensing process, providing accurate documentation and navigating complex regulatory frameworks with efficiency and expertise. Our comprehensive assistance extends beyond traditional finance, embracing the dynamic landscape of web3 ventures.

Tokenization Projects

From regulatory compliance for ICO/IEO distributions to structuring security, asset-referenced, e-money, and utility tokens, we provide expertise to navigate the complexities of tokenization projects. Our solutions ensure regulatory adherence while unlocking the full potential of tokenized assets within the digital economy.

Corporate Legal Services

We offer innovative corporate legal solutions tailored to the decentralized nature of web3 technologies. Our services include structuring formalized DAOs, facilitating corporate restructurings, and drafting meticulous articles of association to support your corporate aspirations.

Business Contracts

Contracts form the cornerstone of commercial relationships in the digital age. Our legal team specializes in drafting tailored agreements for goods, software, intellectual property rights, and tokenized assets. We ensure legal clarity and enforceability across all contractual engagements, mitigating risks and fostering trust.

General Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is paramount to sustainable business practices. Our experts provide comprehensive reviews and alignment strategies to ensure your operations comply with evolving legal landscapes. From supply chain integrity to webshop compliance, we mitigate regulatory risks to safeguard your business.

Startup and Fundraising

Navigating the startup ecosystem demands strategic insight and meticulous planning. Our services offer guidance on jurisdictional considerations, incorporation strategies, and business model development. Whether securing external financing or establishing governance frameworks, we empower startups to thrive in the competitive web3 landscape.

Crypto-Specific Legal Solutions

The convergence of law and emerging technologies requires innovative legal frameworks. Our solutions encompass tailored legal frameworks, token classification, and support for crypto-asset transactions. From regulatory uncertainties to business model design, we drive your success in the dynamic world of web3.