Cybersecurity Upgrade: Cryptix Joins Forces with Hacken

Cryptix has recently teamed up with the renowned cybersecurity firm Hacken. This strategic partnership, inked in August, aims to provide our clients with an updated suite of comprehensive cybersecurity services, including cutting-edge penetration testing for Web 3 ventures.

Protecting our clients

A true force multiplier, this new alliance draws on the strength of two industry leaders to provide our clients with the next level of security services. Together, we’re expanding our services to include smart contract auditing, penetration testing, blockchain protocol auditing, and CCSS peer review, among others.

All of these are offered with one goal in mind: to deliver value by helping our clients protect themselves from cybersecurity threats.

Individual strengths, stronger team

The two teams bring a wealth of experience and innovative tools to the game.

Cryptix specializes in ISO27001 and Data Protection Officer (DPO) services – with one of the DACH Region’s first certified Cryptocurrency Security Standard Auditor (CCSSA) on staff. Meanwhile, Hacken excels in penetration and source code testing, among others, and has performed more than 1200 audits in the past five years.

Together, they will offer Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS) Audits, a unique solution designed to meet the evolving security challenges for cryptocurrency systems.

Best part: one of this partnership’s superpowers lies in CCSS services. To that end, Cryptix can call upon Hacken’s expertise for tasks like smart contract audits, Pen Tests, or CCSS peer reviews. In return, Hacken will refer Cryptix to its clients seeking ISO27001 certification, DPO services, or CCSS peer reviews.

Taken together, this collaboration results in a combined expertise that promises enhanced trust and reliability for our clients.

One solution

Together, we provide a wider range of services and a wealth of experience. Our partnership ensures enhanced security for your digital assets and operations.

By expanding our service offerings, we aim to create awareness and generate leads in today’s competitive market. In a world where cybersecurity is paramount, this alliance between Cryptix and Hacken is committed to providing you with the highest level of cybersecurity protection, ensuring your digital assets remain safe and secure.

About Hacken

Hacken is a leading name in the cybersecurity realm, providing a range of cybersecurity services including security assessments, blockchain security audits, and secure software development. Learn more:

About Cryptix

Cryptix specializes in IT, cybersecurity and data protection compliance services. We help companies enhance their cybersecurity and train their employees in accordance with the most up-to-date security standards, including ISO 27001:2022 certification. Learn more: