Cryptix launches new venture with the MiFiD II investment licence

Switzerland, 30 August 2021: Switzerland-based fintech venture builder Cryptix has unveiled its latest venture, Equito, at Crypto Valley’s flagship event, the CV Summit. Equito connects small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to scale their business by raising additional capital with potential investors, creating new opportunities for both. 

Traditional ways of obtaining funding still present SMEs with major challenges, ranging from heavy administrative burdens to unattainable qualifications. Equito provides both the platform and expertise to facilitate public and private SME fundraising through fully digital, compliant offerings throughout the EEA.  

Equito enters the industry with over 7500 prospective investors, €146 million project funding in the pipeline and renowned partners throughout the fintech sector. Through the launch, Cryptix further expands its expertise as a venture builder. The latest venture is led by its founder and seasoned industry expert Luka Gubo, while Cryptix continues its role as consultant, finance, technology and marcom partner. 

Bernhard Koch, Founder and CEO at Cryptix says “Equito is a great addition to the Cryptix portfolio and takes our vision of creating the People’s Financial Marketplace, a network of modern financial service providers, a step further. We are thrilled to see that more opportunities are being built for SMEs at a time where transformation and growth is vital. With Luka and his team of experts, Equito is well positioned for a promising future.” 

Luka Gubo, Founder and CEO at Equito says“The launch of our platform comes at a time when SMEs need more support in order to thrive. We believe that in connecting innovative and growing SMEs to their customers turning them into investors and other investor networks it will empower stronger growth overall. We look forward to making great investment opportunities accessible to everyone.”  


About Cryptix
Cryptix AG is the central venture-building platform and umbrella for a European cluster of businesses. The company founds, promotes, and maintains subsidiaries and participations that work under one vision to create the “People’s Financial Marketplace”. The Group consists of companies in Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and others. Cryptix Labs GmbH, the in-house R&D centre provides technology insights focusing Blockchain and DLT in order to create new innovative solutions to support the groups vision.