Cryptix LABS takes up residence in Vienna’s Millennium Tower

The research and development facility with focus on Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies starts operations in Austria.

Cryptix AG was founded 2017 in Zug, the Swiss Crypto Valley. Now the company is taking its next step with the opening of Cryptix LABS in Vienna. The Austrian capital will be enriched by an international research and development company with its focus on blockchain technology. Armin Reiter, experienced consultant in the technology market and system architect, is the new Managing Director of Cryptix LABS.

“Here we are in the midst of a yet relatively unexplored high-tech market with incredible future potential. As an engineer and an innovation enthusiast, I am excited about this new challenge. It is an outstanding opportunity to be able to build Cryptix LABS with a young and dynamic team “: Mr. Reiter responds to the question about his new position.

Cryptix LABS specifically works on the research and development of digital currencies and considers the blockchain technology clearly the main topic in the current public dialogue. Bernhard Koch, CEO of the Swiss Cryptix AG, comments on the expansion of the parent company and the new branch as follows: “The issue of cryptocurrencies is highly interesting and in the following years many industries will change significantly. As a company we deeply believe the blockchain technology to influence small and medium-sized businesses in particular. We have recognized this technological market change and the opportunities resulting from it. This is the reason why we would like to set up our companies early on an international basis.”

In addition to research and implementation of the blockchain technology, Cryptix LABS is also devoted to other fields of innovation. Therefore, Managing Director Armin Reiter clearly emphasizes other distributed ledger technologies such as Tangle and Hashgraph. Cryptix LABS not only wants to promote the overall technological development but also actively provides access to the latest technological solutions to a broad range of companies.

This orientation towards the future is also evident in the selection of the new headquarters in Vienna’s Millennium Tower, which is regarded as an incubator for blockchain-affine companies. In this context, the location for the international company provides the ideal infrastructure to be able to develop sustainably and get easy access to like-minded entrepreneurs.