Cryptix AG makes strategic investment in SMAPE Capital

Cryptix AG has partnered with SMAPE Capital, making an investment towards the Cologne-based venture capital fund.

SMAPE (short for “Smart Perspectives”) is a global Web 3 and token-first fund “that keeps European values at heart” and promotes a more sustainable digital asset ecosystem. It invests globally in tokenized economies built by founders “obsessively solving fundamental problems,” and boasts a portfolio of projects focusing on Web3 infrastructure, DAOs, NFT-based business models, and decentralized finance.

SMAPE invests primarily in early-stage (pre-seed/seed stage) opportunities (private rounds) and selectively in existing but undervalued projects, in projects where blockchain technology is solving interoperability, scalability, user experience and fosters mass adoption of use cases, with a strong focus on infrastructure projects. SMAPE says its current investment round was started because the bear market provides for high-quality investment targets at normalized valuations.

The partnership between SMAPE and Cryptix reflects the shared values and vision of the two organizations.
“Much like SMAPE, Cryptix is devoted to fostering a more sustainable and values-driven Web 3 ecosystem throughout Europe, and also by strengthening local and regional economies through support of innovative startups and initiatives,” said Cryptix CEO Bernhard Koch. “I’m very enthusiastic about this new partnership between SMAPE and Cryptix.”