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22 January 2021
Announcement: Correcting Misinformation in Social Media
Anika Sztarsich

We, Cryptix AG, dispute all recent publications by Ben Ecker as a person, as well as announcements on his media and social media channels.


These are inaccurate and untrue in context and intended to harm certain individuals from our clients as well as companies for which we are providing services.


In various publications by Mr. Ecker, serious false statements regarding the Cryptix Group are propagated.


Here are a few essential corrections:


Neither Cryptix d.o.o. nor any other member of the group was involved in an IPO of myWorld at any time.


There is no cooperation of the Cryptix Group with the mentioned but unknown service provider EM-Equity AG.


Neither Cryptix d.o.o. nor our client Blocktrade SA are in contact with any German regulatory authority.


At no time did ETR AG apply to the FMA Liechtenstein for an e-money licence or any other comparable licence.


Here are a few key facts for clarification:


Our client Blocktrade SA successfully conducts a Securities Offering in which the Cryptix Group acts as non financial advisor.


One of the companies supporting Blocktrade SA with its Securities Offering {at the time of publication (Editor’s Note)} is called CM-Equity, a renowned brokerage in Germany.


In order to be able to onboard investors from specific countries for the Blocktrade Securities Offering, we are currently reviewing the brokerage partnerships.


ETR AG does not operate a licence-requiring business. While potential licence applications were considered, none were ultimately pursued.


We condemn that Mr. Ecker did not try to research the facts properly and reach out to us. To date, no corresponding enquiry has been received by any company of the Cryptix Group.


With our support team we offer answers for questions arising from those publications. Of course, we do not make any statements about clients or individuals who can be contacted directly.

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