Cryptix C-Suite Promotions Underscore Company Growth and Maturity

A trio of recent executive promotions within the Cryptix Group underscore the company’s overall growth and evolution into a mature firm, with an expanded leadership team of specialists, Founder Bernhard Koch says.

“We’re not a startup anymore,” he says. “Cryptix is becoming broader and more professional every day, offering high quality services.”

As proof, former CIO Armin Reiter has been tapped to serve as Cryptix’s new CEO, taking over for Bernhard, who remains Cryptix´s Chairman of the Board. Additionally, former COO Anja Frauwallner was named the organization’s new CFO. Taking over for her, Tanja Schär was promoted to COO from her previous post as Head of Operations.

Completing the firm’s management team are Chief Business Officer Leila Sadok, Chief Information Security Officer Alexandre Horvath, while Luka Gubo and Luka Praper are leading the Equito venture and its teams of financial market experts within the Group.

Bernhard said the expanded team illustrates not only the growth of the firm and its management, but the specialist nature of its C-Suite. The appointments will allow him to step back and focus on his duties mentoring and leading the investment strategy of Cryptix Holding AG, he added.

“I’m not leaving,” Bernhard said. “But it’s time for the next row of executives to take over day to day business, to let me focus further on our vision, early-stage ventures and projects to foster socioeconomic impact, staying on the strategic level within the Cryptix Group.”

As Cryptix’s most senior employee, Armin brings a wealth of experience, both technical and administrative, to the role as the company’s second-ever CEO. With a particular focus on structuring new scopes of services, automating processes by using AI, and with that service delivery and the acquisition of new, international projects, Armin’s leadership will enable the company to innovate in building exciting new Web3 products.

“I’m happy and grateful to take over as CEO,” Armin said. “Cryptix has established a great, highly competent team. I’m sure we’ll build on the achievements of recent years to help our clients succeed in the ever-changing Web3 landscape.”

One of the most significant changes, the appointment of Anja Frauwallner to CFO was driven by strong growth and the increased complexity of Cryptix’s financial operations, which highlighted the need for a dedicated CFO position. In her new role Anja will help Cryptix to manage in terms of budgeting and controlling, identifying new opportunities, and staying ahead of the market.

Finally, Tanja’s promotion to COO not only reflects Cryptix’s commitment to utilizing and developing the talent and expanding its C-suite but ensures that the post vacated by Anja remains in good hands. As COO, Tanja will handle the company’s day-to-day operations, freeing Armin, as CEO, to focus on Cryptix overall strategy and development.

“I’m looking forward to this exciting next phase,” Tanja said. “There’s endless potential for growth and success in Cryptix’s future. That motivates me to contribute, on an operational level, to reach our objectives.’’

Congratulations, Amin, Anja, and Tanja!